We make it easy, with 0% commission, a fixed fee and no contract!

What’s Included?
  • A free no obligation valuation
  • A consultation on the preparation and presentation of your property if required
  • Expert tuition on viewings if required
  • Accompanied viewings/Open House service (additional cost)
  • A full description of your property
  • Photographs and floor plans
  • National marketing on Rightmove
  • Marketing through our own website
  • Marketing through social media
  • For sale sign (optional)
  • Arranged viewings
  • Regular reviews of your marketing
  • 24/7 contact with the Director of the company
  • Offer negotiations
  • Qualification of buyers
  • Sales Progression
  • Handover of keys!

Energy Performance Certificate

As a rule, an EPC is required every time a home is put up for sale or for rent. The requirement for an EPC has been the law since 2008, meaning that if your property has been let or sold since then it should have one. They remain valid for 10 years. We can recommend a local independent Energy Assessor if your property requires a valid EPC.

Our advice: Preparation and presentation, things to consider.

When it comes to selling a property, the guide price must reflect the condition and the presentation of the property. If your property is beautifully presented and clearly well maintained, then you should achieve the best possible price for it. Any potential buyers will be encouraged to offer the guide price with confidence, having seen that you have looked after the property.

If, however, your property is not presented well, requires updating or complete renovation throughout then clearly, we must adjust the guide price accordingly to get the right buyers through your door and to allow for the cost of repairs. Basically, if a potential buyer on a viewing spots anything that requires repair then they may come in with a lower offer to compensate for this.

Whatever property your selling and whatever condition its in, my advice would be to clean, tidy, de-clutter and touch up the décor where needed with neutral colours. Don’t spend fortunes if you’re going to sell. Spend the minimum amount to make the property look as presentable as possible. Even if a property needs updating, providing if it’s been cleaned and de-cluttered it makes it far easier for a potential buyer to appreciate the space and see the potential. It’s amazing what difference a little TLC makes to your selling price.

Viewings/Open House
  • With over a decade of experience in the industry, I believe there are many advantages to the homeowner/s conducting their own viewings. Obviously, you save money! But there are other benefits.
  • As the homeowner you know more about your property than a member of staff from an Estate Agent will ever know!
  • Often traditional Estate Agents will not be able to accommodate when the buyer or buyers would like to go. Accompanied viewings must fit in with their office diary and their office opening hours. A traditional Estate Agent is closed in the evenings when most people finish work. As the homeowner you can accommodate viewings at this time. You have far more flexibility and are less likely to miss out on opportunities.
  • Over the years, working for a traditional Estate Agent, I have agreed many sales because of the homeowner doing their own viewing anyway, as the office diary was often too busy to accommodate the buyer’s specific timescale.
  • Often potential buyers request to meet the homeowners in any case.
  • All viewings will however, be arranged by us. We will qualify any potential buyer before they come through your door so that you have all the relevant information about them before conducting the viewing.
  • If, however, you are simply unable to conduct your own viewings, we can offer accompanied viewings or an Open House service for an additional cost.
  • There are so many advantages to having an Open House, you know exactly what day and time it will be, you only have to prepare/clean/tidy the house once, you can go out for the day and relax, leaving us in charge to show suitable buyers around. We will make sure we have all the basic information about the property to hand but there are always likely to be questions from potential buyers which we will feedback to you afterwards.
  • An Open House is great if you have kids or pets as you only need to get them out the house for one viewing slot.
  • The idea behind an Open House is to get as many suitable buyers through your door within a 1-2 hour time frame as possible. It doesn’t matter if the viewings overlap, in fact its better that way. We want to create a buzz and a sense of urgency to encourage buyers to make offers. After all its even better if you end up with more than one buyer to choose from.
  • For an Open House to be successful the guide price must be competitive, otherwise you will not get the number of viewings required within the desired time frame.
Qualifying Buyers
  • Anyone who contacts us to arrange viewings must provide a minimum amount of information including contact details, address, requirements and buying position.
  • We will negotiate all offers on your behalf. If a figure is agreed we will ensure we have received proof of funding, identification, details of their selling position if required and their Solicitor’s details.
  • It is essential that we have done all the necessary checks and received all documentation before we take your property off the market and progress the sale.
Instructing a Solicitor
  • Once you have made the decision to sell it would be advisable to start getting quotes for a Solicitor/Conveyancer to progress the sale from an offer to an exchange of contracts and finally completion.
  • You do not have to instruct a Solicitor/Conveyancer until you have agreed a sale, however it would speed up the process if you have already done so while the property is on the market.
  • We would always recommend a local independent Solicitor/Conveyancer who knows the local area.
  • We can recommend a local independent firm and request a free no obligation quotation on your behalf.
Progressing the Sale
  • Once the buyer/s have been qualified and the sale is agreed it is the responsibility of everyone involved in the chain to move things along smoothly, sellers, buyers, Estate Agents, Financial Advisors, Surveyors and ultimately Solicitors/Conveyancers.
  • Naturally, the longer the chain and the more people involved, the longer it can take. The risk of a fall-through is more likely. Therefore, first-time buyers and buyers with nothing to sell or buyers who have sold previously have an advantage, providing their funds are in place.
  • We will keep contact details of everyone involved in the sale so that we can update you on the progress and make sure everything is happening within the desired timescale.
Moving Out
  • Once you have decided to sell it is advisable to get quotes from a removal company, unless of course the property is already vacant, or you plan to move yourself!
  • We would recommend a local independent firm and can organise a free no obligation quotation on your behalf.
  • The property and garden should be cleared of all belongings and left clean and tidy for the new owners to move in. Generally, everything that is fixed or integrated should remain within the property unless agreed otherwise. Sometimes there may be items of furnishings that have been agreed within the sale and therefore must remain. If expensive light fittings have been removed the buyer must have been made aware of this and they must be replaced with the standard original fitting.
  • An exchange of contracts can only happen once a completion date has been agreed by all parties involved.
  • Once the Solicitors have advised us that the funds have been transferred, only then can we release the keys to the new owners. Although we hope this happens swiftly on the day, often it will be after lunch time, but it can happen anytime.
  • Once the keys have been released you are no longer the owner of the property and therefore must have moved out by this time. It is important to prepare for moving day so that you can move out before the new homeowners move in, however in the real world we know there can be delays! We will keep everyone informed of timescales on the day.